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Tartan Sports Floor (Cast Rubber Floor)

Tartan Flooring is formed by the on-site application of two basic raw materials, SBR and EPDM, combined with a binder.

Tartan Sports Floor SBR

It is a floor covering system made by mixing colored and UV-resistant SBR granules with polyurethane binders and coloring the resulting mixture with iron oxide or chromium oxide by pouring it in-situ. The system, which can be poured in desired thicknesses, is especially important for the health of athletes as it is flexible and water permeable.


Tartan Sports Floor EPDM

The first layer is obtained from SBR rubber granules. After obtaining PU binders, the second layer is prepared by pouring EPDM granules in the desired color with PU binders and the system is completed.

Areas of Use​

Indoor and outdoor tennis courts, Basketball, Volleyball courts,

Children's playgrounds, athletics tracks, running and walking paths.

Care and rehabilitation centers, Bicycle paths, School gardens.



EPDM Cast Rubber Dimensions // 15+5mm – 13+7mm – 10+5mm – 8+7mm – 8+5mm

SBR Cast Rubber Dimensions    //   15mm – 20mm – 25mm – 30mm

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