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EPDM Tile Rubber Flooring

EPDM Tile Rubber floor covering is added as a second layer on the rubber granules which are being recycled 100% from the bottom layer.
EPDM raw material is obtained from the milk of real rubber tree,
It is a product that carries no carcinogenic property that does not rive the health of children that can be produced in desired colors and designs,
SBR Tile Rubber is more durable and durable due to having Top Layer compared to floor.

It is a product that can clean itself in rainy weather and can clean everyone quickly and practically with water.

Tile Rubber Applications

* On the grounds of indoor and outdoor children's playgrounds.
* Bicycle trails, traffic trails, jogging and walking trails.
* Classrooms prepared for the handicapped, playground, walking paths.
* In school gardens and other garden areas.


400mm x 400mm // 2.5cm, 3cm, 4cm Thickness and
500mm x 500mm // Produced in 2,5cm, 3cm, 4cm Thickness.

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