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SBR Roll Flooring
Blended with the rubber granules obtained from 100% recycled polyurethane binders are obtained by prenslen under high pressure.
The resulting billets are manufactured in various thicknesses in special cutting machines. SBR is used as a shock absorbing layer under roll and flexibility of polyurethane and acrylic sports flooring.

Due to the structural features as well as the use of insulating materials in the construction industry rubber roller provides thermal insulation. Sound insulation between the floors and green products are protecting the natural status as a 100% recycled material in the world and in Turkey.
Because a flexible and easy implementation is most preferred flooring material.


Usage areas
SBR roller applications in the upper layer
Outdoor and indoor sports halls
Fitness and Pilates rooms
Walking paths
Nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.
classrooms prepared for the disabled, playground, walking in the way
the shooting range


4 mm and 10 mm thickness are produced.

SBR Roller Rubber Specifications

Rubber granular resilient flooring roll coverings SBR granules and blend according to the percentage of specific manufacturing formulas rubber fibers, their anti-carcinogenic based binder material stirred should be made by pressing a certain time under high temperature and pressure of the product obtained.

The thickness of the coating material should be 1 to 2.8 mm SBR granules are calibrated thickness.
Roll-shaped rubber material is 1200 mm x 3650 mm x must be 4 mm thick.
The resulting article 1 mm / 0.99 kg average weight per m2.
Installation should be made for a minimum of 15-18 Co ambient temperature.
Application surfaces must be smooth, non-turbulent, non elevation differences, which do not blasting, it must have a solid surface. Once prepared the ground desired smoothness and rubber roller are adhered consisting Ambient temperature
SBR rubber sheet material glued to the floor with a two-component adhesive.

Method Of Applıcation 

First, all kinds of 1000g adjusted concrete surface from dirt square facing the adhesive powder is applied.
Roll rubber flooring instead of being applied in the desired thickness tokmaklanarak thoroughly glued to the floor
Floor claimed in thickness with rubber coated roll.

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