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Puzzle Rubber Floor Covering
Puzzle The hearty puzzle that makes up the series is the modular design that beautifully enlivens the living spaces.
Thanks to the interlocking feature, it provides easy application during flooring.
SBR Puzzle Rubber And Over EPDM Coated Puzzle Rubber Ground.


Usage Areas
On the grounds of indoor and outdoor children's playgrounds.
Bicycle trails, traffic trails, jogging and walking trails.
Nursing homes, children's hospitals, baby rooms.
At nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.
Classrooms prepared for the handicapped, playground, walking paths.
On shooting ranges.
In school gardens and other garden areas.
Garage entrances and parking lots.
It is possible to use on terrace balconies and in many other indoor and outdoor areas where your mind may arise.


Produced in 400mm x 400mm // 2cm, 2,5cm, 3cm, 4cm Thickness.

Kauçuk Zemin - Park Ve Spor Zeminleri

Technicial Specifications
Rubber Granular flexible flooring SBR Granules and blends of rubber fibers according to custom manufacturing formula fractions,
The anticancer-based binder and oxide pigment, which is less affected by ultraviolet rays, should be mixed with the color and the puzzle mold of the obtained product model should be manufactured by pressing for a certain period under high temperature and pressure.
The upper edges of the rubbers will not be chamfered to form a joint.
The thickness of the coating material;
SBR Granules are produced in 1- 2,8 mm caliber and 20, 25,20,40 mm thick.
Rubber floor Plate 40 cm x 40 cm x 3 cm in size, 11 cm deep 2 heart shaped socket and 2 heart shaped male ear should be made.
For drainage and better adherence to the floor, there should be 5 cm wide and 10 mm deep water drainage paths at the bottom of the rubber material.
Each of the plates of the Rubber Substrate should have 4 elasticity-providing circular shapes with an outer diameter of

9 cm - an inner diameter of 5 cm and a depth of 10 mm.

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