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EPDM Roll Flooring

EPDM rubber granules blended with polyurethane binders are obtained by compressing under high pressure.
The resulting billets are manufactured in various thicknesses in special cutting machines. SBR roll, can be applied on the upper layer.

Due to the structural features as well as the use of insulating materials in the construction industry rubber roller provides thermal insulation. Sound insulation between the floors and green products are protecting the natural status as a 100% recycled material in the world and in Turkey.
Because a flexible and easy implementation is most preferred flooring material.


Usage areas
SBR roller applications in the upper layer
Outdoor and indoor sports halls
Fitness and Pilates rooms
Walking paths
Nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.
classrooms prepared for the disabled, playground, walking in the way
the shooting range


4 mm and 10 mm thickness are produced.


Technical specifications;

EPDM rubber roll carpets are produced in thickness from 10 mm to 4 mm.
Standard width of 120 cm is.
Per mm / m2 weight of 1200 grams.
EPDM rubber roll of carpet is based on the standard length of customer requests.
The raw material used is 100% imported EPDM synthetic rubber granules.
The raw materials used in the manufacture of our products does not contain carcinogens.
Ground is applied with polyurethane adhesive double compenant.
Our factory and our products have been certified with ISO quality standards and TSE documents.
Our products does not freeze in the winter, the snow does not hold.
Products not made from small spark combustion.

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