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Our Floor Impact Vibration and Sound Insulation Solutions;

Rubber (SBR Roller, EPDM Roller and SBR+EPDM Shredded) Roller vibration mats,

These soundproofing insulation mats are extremely effective in ground impact vibration.

They are floor sound insulation materials applied under screed, under parquet, and on machine legs in places where a high degree of impact insulation is required, such as homes, workplaces, factories, call centers and gyms.

Another type of impact sound occurring on the floor is the so-called "heel sound", which occurs when walking on hard flooring and spreads in the same space as ambient sound.

Our Roll Rubber Sound Insulation Products Have 24 Dc Sound Insulation and Sound Proofing Features at 4 mm and the Required Quality Certificates.

The harder a floor covering is, the greater the noise it will create.

Contemporary flooring such as laminate, laminate, wood and ceramic all cause high levels of noise even in normal daily use.

Sound absorbers, sound barriers, dampers and anti-vibration are used to prevent noise in structures.

Sbr Roll Rubber Technical Specifications


Flexible floor roll flooring with Rubber Granules must be manufactured by mixing SBR Granules and Rubber fibers according to special manufacturing formula percentages, mixing them with anti-carcinogenic based binder material and pressing the resulting product under high heat and pressure for a certain period of time.

The thickness of the Coating Material SBR Granules should be 1-2.8 mm calibrated thickness.

Rubber Material should be 1200 mm x 3650 mm x 4 mm thick in roll form.

The average weight of 1 mm/m2 of the resulting material is 0.99 kg.

A minimum ambient temperature of 15-18 C is required for installation.

The application surface must be smooth, wave-free, without elevation differences, free of sandblasting, and solid. After the surface on which the rubber rolls will be adhered is prepared in the desired smoothness and the appropriate ambient temperature is established,

SBR rubber roll material is adhered to the floor with a two-component adhesive.

In addition to being used as a sound insulation material in the construction industry, roll rubber also provides heat insulation due to its structural properties.

It has Green product status, providing sound insulation between floors and protecting nature in the world and in Turkey as a 100% recyclable material.

It is the most preferred floor covering material because it is flexible and easy to apply.

Usage areas

Under Acrylic floor covering And Polyurethane Floor covering,

In Under-Screed Sound Insulation,

In-wall sound insulation,

Cinema and studio acoustic sound insulation

In Gyms

At shooting ranges

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