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• The inner layer of the product is made of technological anti-carcinogenic fibers that provide high elasticity.

With the shock layer, a shock absorbing elasticity has been gained.

• 20% single component polyurethane binder is used on the outer layer of the product, and a single component polyurethane binder with alphatic properties is used in areas where light colored EPDM is used.

• The details of the figures (feet, nails, eyes, teeth, ears) are 3-dimensional.

• The EPDM material used is in 0.5-1.5 mm and 1-3.5 mm calibers, and is applied in various colors in 2 cm and above thicknesses.

Epdm material is of European origin and is CE certified in terms of child health and safety.

• The polymer ratio in EPDM material is minimum 20%.

• Epdm material is reported to be anticarcinogenic in terms of child health.

• It is documented that the synthetic polymers used in its production comply with DIN-EN ISO 50001:2001 norms.

• The epdm used in the upper layer is in accordance with DIN-EN ISO 14001:2009 norms.

• It is guaranteed for 5 years against color fading against high UV rays.

• The shock layer EPDM in the inner layer has a structure that gives flexibility to the outer layer.

• In terms of child health and safety, the materials do not have sharp and pointed bends.

• It can be applied in various colors.


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