Hexagon Rubber Flooring
Daha Fazla Göster

Hexagonal Rubber Floor Coating
The modern design of Hexagonal Rubber Soil, which is obtained by dosing 100% recycled SBR granules with polyurethane binders and color pigments and then pressing with high heat, creates a different atmosphere in all places.


Usage Areas

On the grounds of indoor and outdoor children's playgrounds.
Bicycle trails, traffic trails, jogging and walking trails.
Nursing homes, children's hospitals, baby rooms.
At nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.
Classrooms prepared for the handicapped, playground, walking paths.
On shooting ranges.
In school gardens and other garden areas.
Garage entrances and parking lots.
It is possible to use on terrace balconies and in many other indoor and outdoor areas where your mind may arise.



Produced in 450mm x 400mm // 2cm, 2,5cm, 3cm, 4cm Thickness.


Technicial Specifications

Flexible flooring with rubber granules; 1,00 - 2,8 mm caliber Granular rubber particles must be manufactured by mixing with anticancer based binder and ultraviolet ray resistant iron oxide or chromium oxide pigment color and pressing in hexagonal mold under high temperature and pressure for a certain period
The hexagonal rubber floor will be chamfered so that the upper edges of the floor material will form a joint.
The thickness of the hexagonal rubber material should be 20,25,30,40 mm thick.
The width of the waterways at the bottom of the rubber material should be 3 mm at a depth of 25 mm for drainage and better adherence to the floor.

Hexagonal rubber floor covering to the concrete and screed surface prepared by the administration shall be adhered with special polyurethane adhesives.
Have Qualified Quality Certificates.


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